Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I can't contain myself anymore

Hello, I'm back and I can't contain my rage anymore.

I hate Sarah Palin.

I hate John McCain.

It would be a grave error to elect him for president of the United States.


Monday, June 16, 2008

I found something so great that it was worth rekindling the blog

Why didn't anyone tell me about this???

There's a lingerie/bra store that sells sexy and supportive bras to women with cupsizes D-J....
as a ahem "bigger busted" woman myself I found this really great and helpful.

And they also just launched a bathing suit line...hopefully it won't be like other bathing suits where you buy the large tops and get the large bottoms as well...i hate that so much.

The shop is called "Storm in a D-Cup"...check it out all my big busted women

Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's Almost Spring!...kinda

balenciaga roberto cavalli
The season usually reserved for floral prints is abundant with, well, floral prints. But they riddled the runway in unexpected ways. Nicolas Ghesquière designed an amazing collection for Balenciaga this season. The clothes fit almost like armor on the models and it contrasted beautifully with the soft feminine prints on the clothes. Roberto Cavalli opted for a bolder asymmetrical look with this beautiful flowing dresses in his spring/summer collection. New and interesting ways to portray flowers and innocence--that's what's coming up for this spring.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Copenhagen to London and back again

Jens Laugesen put together a stunning show in London for his Spring/Summer 08 line...The designer caught my eye before during Copenhagen fashion week and now he did it again with another gorgeous line with a black and white palette. The tailored jackets are reminiscent of a limo driver or caterer but on women they are just plain chic.
Evening wear with a twist.

He reserved the bow ties for cute dresses that blend perfectly with the collection. Check it:

Oversized bowties who would've thought!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Speaking of...

Sarah Jessica Parker...
I've been meaning to post about her Bitten line which is very cheap (umm as in $19.98 for this houndstooth coat)...:
...and very cute (this printed teal shirt for $9.98)

The only thing is that there's no online store so I'm actually gonna have to get off my arse and buy this. But it's worth it. Get on it my friends!

What Can I say

I was sitting in the movie theatre and this glorious preview came on alerting me to the fact that I shall in fact see Carrie Bradshaw again! Without rewatching any old episodes. Then The Golden Compass started playing which was ok at best compared to the books...but the Sex and the City preview made that 8 dollars completely worth it
May 2008!!!

Oh My God.

I'm long has it been? 3 months and 5 days...what a bad blogger I am!

well no worries I'm coming back. I swear! Lately I've been looking for internships and gap year programs in the fashion biz next year (i'm slowly inching towards the imminent demise of my high school career). I applied to exactly one college so we'll see how that goes. I'd rather jump into working first and then go to college so that is why I'm looking for internship programs. Whatever. Enough of my personal life. It's vacation and school will get progressively easier from here on out so I'm gonna start writing again. For now I'll leave you with this gorgeous hand-painted number from Dolce & Gabbana:

(check out the clutch too--hot!)

Sunday, September 23, 2007


(she's a diiimepiece)

it is Alessandra Fachinetti who is taking the reigns for Valentino (very old news). All we can do is wait and watch

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An Attack of Fever

Fashion fever.
Yes it's been forever and yes
i haven't posted about New York fashion week
and yes now it's London fashion week and I've already had an overload of stimuli because i've just looked at Gareth Pugh and Christopher Kane's shows... my two faves.
oh by the way my House of Holland shirt was the "Cum Again Christopher Kane" one haha...I wore it to school and I think people were a bit scandalized... my bad i should've known they wouldn't understand me *sniff sniff*
I think what I'm gonna do is do a bigggggg posting frenzy after all the Spring shows are over (since i'm overloaded with "real work") with my favourite tidbits. I'm sure that won't work out because I'll just get too excited.
For now i'll leave u with this teaser:

god the way the clothes moved in the Kane show... goergous (and look a the metal toed lace-ups)!!!!. contrasted with the hard S&M (as everybody was pointing out) yet still wearable and quite beautiful in my opinion Gareth Pugh show. Leatherleatherleather that's why i love leather.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bittersweet Departure

(he's so cuteee!)

One of the most venerable names in fashion announced his resignation today.
Yes Valentino. Even before his 45th anniversary in fashion in July, people were speculating his departure but he refused to comment on anything. I remember an article I read in WWD about his legendary history and how he said he was still very much interested in designing. Fortunately, he will have one more season of Ready-to-wear and one more season of Haute Couture before someone else (WHO???) will replace him. Some people who are being considered:
Jack and Lazaro of Proenza Schouler
Giambattistta Valli
Former Gucci designer Alessandra Fachinetti is thought to be the most likely candidate...
Who can replace one of the greatest designers of our time? Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fashion Groupies Unite!


If I'm not a "fashion groupie" then I seriously don't know what hell I am.

I finally purchased my first House of Holland Fashion Groupie t-shirt. The Gareth Pugh and Giles Deacon ones have been the background of my phone for months with the lovely Agyness Deyn modeling. They also have "cause me pain hedi slimane," and "do me daily christopher bailey" among others.
*NOTE: Hedi has been replaced as designer at Dior Homme by Kris Van Assche...let's hope he can follow in those formidable footsteps without stumbling*
But I won't tell u which one I got yet. You'll have to wait until I get it and i'll post a picture for y'all. And it's not the ones I've mentioned either.
hehe surprises!!

The Fall 2007 season of House of Holland featured a whole slew of new t-shirts, this time with mostly models names:
"flick yer bean for agyness deyn", "i'm a tosser for coco rocha", "i'll show you who's boss kate moss", and one of my faves "let's play naked twister linda evangelista" HAHA.. yes please.

Friday, August 31, 2007

10 years

R.I.P. Princess Di

You're an icon of our time and beloved by many.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hot Briton of the week

James Jagger
Mick Jagger's son

Jade & James Jagger
After the premiere of his play
In "Lone Star"
The son of the Rolling Stone debuted his acting career recently... his role apparently caused some controversy when his play required him to smoke in the King's Head theatre in Islington, North London because it was "vital to the artistic value of the play". Smoking's banned there now...God what's become of the world?
He played a Texan village idiot in a play called "Lone Star" and is an expert in a variety of different US dialects and a number of accents from around the world. Perhaps we'll be seeing more of this little cutie soon.

Very hot even while sweaty after the premiere of his play. :DDD


According to some people are offended by the new Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaign shot by Steven Klein because it objectifies men. I hope no one's delicate psyche is ruined by this. I mean men have been through a lot. The men's rights movement and all.

ok ok i'll stop haha. But i think people need to stand back sometimes and realize that these kinds images are meant to provoke and meant to stir up controversy. That's what art is. how would we like it if all our ads looked like this:

(god I wish candy was still 5 cents)

Our brains would collapse in on themselves from lack of stimulation.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

...And now for some fashion news

Preen F/W 2007/2008

Preen the British label I loved last season for its bright colours (pink!) and fold-happy designs is designing for Topshop!! It debuts around the time of London Fashion week. I'm always looking at the topshop website but everything cool is either out of stock or double the price than I thought it was (it's in pounds) but maybe if I catch this one early enough I can snag something cool.

Preen For Topshop

There is something fundamentally wrong with our culture

Senator Craig: Doughy old man

Idaho Senator: I am not gay!

Ok.. dude... this is you're third time being cited for doing something that would be classified as "homosexual activity"... 1982: accused of having sex with underaged male, last year: a male blogger said that he'd had sex with u in Union Station in DC, and this year in an airport bathroom? and you pleaded guilty?? If you were openly gay you wouldnt have to go all psycho and weird to get pleasure... is our country so homophobic that old dudes have to have anonymous sex in bathrooms? maybe you're creepy and you would've done it anyway but i don't think so... and now you're desperately trying to "clear your name". Why don't you do something good with ur new label like gay activism instead of viciously disputing your sexuality as if it were a bad thing. What's a bad thing is you in a bathroom touching a man's foot from under the stall...that's just sad and a little bit sick... you could get AIDS asshole!
Though it's true that Idaho probably isn't the best state to be a gay politician.
but come on homie, embrace your sexuality whether you be gay or bisexual or whatever... Because honestly, you're never gonna get re-elected.
Invest your wealth in a move to New York or San Francisco and do some bloody good with your life. Cus right now you're looking like a bit of a pervert.

Get Well Soon!

Britney and the Mind Freak??

Ok I know this news is like so two days ago but I just have to add my 2 cents here

Sometimes at night I'll find myself eagerly watching MindFreak and Miami (or is it LA Ink now?) Ink which are on at about the same time...Criss Angel seems like a nice enough guy albeit in a somewhat dangerous profession (which makes him dangerously sexy), so if Britney ends up seriously dating him (which i doubt) i wouldnt be too troubled.

Then again: BRItney! what are u doing?!?! You're in the middle of a custody battle and your ability as a mother is being called into question... just suck it up and try NOT to be seen with a different man 5 nights in a row.. is it that hard?? oh and did i mention that he's friends with ur embittered ex???

Sienna for Pepe

Sienna Miller and a very steamy latin man who i'll have to look up are in new ads for Pepe jeans... the ads feature the pair in black and white surrounded by water... very hot

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I had a day off so i wasted money

today i had a very fun time (window)shopping with mon amie kaitie... and i forgot my real camera so the cell phone camera will have to suffice.
Baby Kicks... so cute

unnaturally muscular mannequins

leopard Louboutins... moist panty-worthy

Manolos!!!! I think by this time the salesladies were giving each other looks behind my back.

zara...european chic

cool military jacket

the Nine West shoes i'm gonna get in indigo.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Damn the Congolese have good taste

I'm probably really behind the times with this but what the hell...
I just watched Rush Hour 3 the other night and it was vacantly amusing..but someone caught my eye... Noémie Lenoir... i faintly recognized her from underwear ads a while back. So being the curious one i am i looked her up on wikipedia and turns out she's married to naturalized French footballer Claude Makélélé. When I mentioned this to my dad, he started talking animatedly about his home in Congo like he does. Turns out his last name means something akin to "noise" when someone talks a lot. All that aside i thought i'd just share because she's beautiful and everyone loves a beautiful woman and she's gorgeous even as a baldie.

I'm Falllllin!

Fall is my favourite season cus i get to layer and wear light jackets and wear shoes and jeans and three piece suits (i wish) and of course fashion weeks in september!!!! are my 5 essentials de l'automne:

1. My SKINNY JEANS!!!: High waisted and otherwise... just like a few years ago i was scared to wear skinny jeans now i'm never going back to flared pants (who knows) even the high-waisted 70's look.. but to each her own. These are my favourite right now:

2. My vintage pumps: I'm all for the 80's resurge right now especially in the shoe department so I'm spending my hard-earned money on cool and colourful pumps for fall. These are the newest addition to mon wardrobe (if i had money the 2nd pic would be miiiine Christian Louboutin slingback platforms that I saw in a store):

3. Arm accesories: Everyone needs a good purse and I have a notorious reputation for having horrible handbags. I hope to remedy this situation with this vintage Lanvin purse from the 70s (and for those of u with Moooolah.. check this classic yet totally modern purse from the king of handbags Marc Jacobs):
4. Sunglasses!: I'm a wayfarer chick so i'm getting all different colours including these vintage aqua-coloured ones:

5. and last but not least--THE JACKETS!!!: I'm into crazy jackets this fall in combination with simple skinny jeans and perhaps some heels. If I were a little more compensated and sophisticated i'd wear this tailored jacket Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere but since i'm crazy and relatively poor these r my new favourite things... i'm still lacking a leather motorcycle jacket :( :